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This 7-book series has been compared to a mix of C.S. Lewis and Harry Potter - without the magic. This series is a fictional analogical fantasy combining paranormal with realism, all while avoiding the magic. Who knew a series could be paranormal fantasy with NO magic? A brilliant mix of fantastical creativity and daily realism—a definite must read.

Beyond Solstice Gates Series

  • Author: Kimm Reid

    Tween / Adult Fiction
    5 x 7 Soft Cover; 306 pages

    Includes all 7 books in the Beyond Solstice Gates Series: 

    • Book 1 - Casting Shadows
    • Book 2 - The Fowler’s Snare 
    • Book 3 - Perfidy of Labyrinth  
    • Book 4 - Veiled Sun Blood Moon
    • Book 5 - Mist over Leviathan
    • Book 6 - War of the Firmament
    • Book 7 - Chasm of Acheron
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