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Ahhh, the sweet

of a good book.


Limited Copies Available

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Meet Matilda. She is a shenanigan queen, and constantly finding trouble to get herself into.

This book is a limited print, meaning only 250 copies will ever be printed. Ahelia Publishing is raising funds to support one of our author's books as it is under contract and in the hands of a TV Producer, so why not offer a good book in return?

Grab a copy of Maybe Not, Matilda, and support the cause.

New Releases

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Ages 4-10
Ages 4-10
Ages 4-10
Ages 7-14
Ages 7-14
Ages 4-10
Ages 4-10

Children's Books Extravaganza

We are currently seeking children's books!


If you believe you have a fantastical idea or manuscript - with or without illustrations - let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

2024 is the year we will stock our shelves with mysterious, magical, and mischievous marbles for the young readers. 


After all, today's children are tomorrow's future. 

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