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We are all a little broken from time to time; our emotions can get the best of us and sometimes we struggle more than we want to admit. It is so important to think about our mental health regularly; it's also important to know scriptures on which to meditate to stand up to our negative thoughts and feelings. This journal offers 52 entry days - one for each week of the year. It asks directive questions regarding emotions, negative feelings, pervasive thoughts. It then gives a scripture on which to ponder in light of how the check up questions were answered.


This mental health journal is an excellent resource to live regularly in peace of mind. We all battle thoughts and feelings, why not embrace those things that bring us down and exchange them for better things?

Mental Health Check up for Believers

  • Author: No author 
    Designed by Content Soul Publishing Imprint

    Notebook / Journal
    8.5 x 11 Soft Cover; 106 pages

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