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Introducing "Love You More" - A Heartwarming Rhyming Book for Little Ones. This adorable book is a tender and delightful journey that captures the boundless love shared between a parent or grandparent and their cherished child. This enchanting book, filled with soft and playful illustrations, is the perfect companion for snuggling up and sharing heartfelt moments together.


In this beautifully rhymed tale, each page unveils a heartfelt expression of love, as the parent or grandparent compares their love to the most ordinary things. From new moons in the night sky to a puppy's soft fur, the love expressed in this book knows no bounds.


Gentle and whimsical illustrations bring the story to life, creating a captivating visual experience that will engage and delight young readers. The soft colors and joyful characters set the perfect backdrop for the heartfelt journey of love.


"Love You More" is not just a book; it's an invitation to connect, to bond, and to create cherished memories. It's a reminder of the infinite love that exists between a child and their special grown-up, nurturing a sense of security and warmth.


This book is designed to be read aloud, and the rhythmic flow of the rhymes will captivate young hearts and minds. With each read, children will feel the warmth of love radiating from the pages, creating a sense of comfort and joy.


"Love You More" is a gift that will be treasured for years to come. Whether it's shared during quiet bedtime moments or as a special treat during the day, this book is a beautiful reminder of the unconditional love that surrounds a child.


Celebrate the unique bond between a parent or grandparent and a child with "Love You More." Share in the joy and tenderness of this heartfelt journey, and let the soft, fun illustrations and loving words create lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Love you More (Paperback)

  • Author: Kimm Reid

    Hardcover available as well.


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