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“You are a much loved, highly favored child of the most high God. You are royalty—the child of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. You have been redeemed to rule and reign as co-heirs with Christ, in all the power and authority this position grants you.”


“Yes. [Sigh of resignation. Shoulders slumped. Head down.] I have been told this many times—too many times. I know what my identity in Christ is supposed to be, but I don’t truly believe it in my heart, and it certainly is not reflected in my life. I don’t see myself as highly regarded, nor as powerful …”


Or maybe you are already walking with your head up, sword held high, but you know God wants to take you even higher—to walk where few dare to tread—to be Generals and Warriors in the Lord’s Army. But there are a few rough spots that need to be smoothed out so you can advance into the squadron. 


It is time to infiltrate the camp of the adversary. Now is the hour to rip the enemy targets off your back that are allowing the theft of your identity, or parts of it, and with it, the fullness of power and authority in Christ. Pick up your weapons and fight like the strong, resolute warrior you were created to be—leading the charge of His Holy Army.


I want to walk into Heaven without a place on my body that is not scarred from the battle. What about you? Will you join me? Arise, mighty, valiant warrior. The time has come to draw your sword and take the Kingdom by force!

Invisible No More: Personal Identity Restored

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